• Ideal machines for moving bricksand other building materials
  • Minimal downtime with excellent parts and rental availability
  • Proactive personnel to get you what you need, when you need it

Reliable Equipment

“We purchased a New Holland skid steer to use on projects where we’ve had a lot of brick replacement work. They’re great for moving bricks, sand and mortar around. I enjoyed the New Holland brand so much, I bought a tractor for my personal use. I believe New Holland equipment holds up better than other brands, and I like the features on them. I like the enclosed cab with heat, air conditioning and, of course, a radio on my New Holland tractor.

“We also rent boom trucks from Franklin Equipment to do masonry restoration work. They help us get access to the exterior of buildings for tuckpointing and caulking. We use the big 42 foot Lulls on the projects, too. They’re good for moving equipment around and setting materials up on scaffolding.”

Excellent Customer Service

“I chose to work with Franklin years ago when they operated as a different company. I’ve stayed with them because I like their personnel. I also like that they always have the equipment I need available for rent; we rent from Franklin all the time.

“They really do a great job with customer service. In the past I’ve had a piece of equipment break down on a weekend, and even though they were closed, Franklin located another piece of equipment to keep my company going. They’ll go out of their way to keep you rolling.

“I recommend Franklin to people all the time. If you want a decent deal, great service and to work with good people, go to Franklin.”

Spike Phillips, President and Owner

About HK Phillips Restoration, Inc.

Spike Phillips took over HK Phillips Restoration, Inc. in 1992. The company had been founded by his father in 1978. HK Phillips Restoration, Inc. specializes in masonry restoration and has played a key role in the preservation of Columbus, Ohio’s historical landscape.

For more information, visit www.phillipsrestoration.com.