• Ideal equipment for heavy sod lifting and snowplowing
  • Downtime is minimal
  • Franklin’s on-site service is quick

Equipment that Performs

“I purchased my first New Holland skid steer from Franklin Equipment about 14 years ago, and all the skid steers I’ve bought since have been from Franklin. I’m looking at purchasing another one, and it will definitely be another New Holland. They’re probably the best skid steers built. They’re roomy, comfortable and user friendly, and I like the way they operate. We do a lot of heavy sod and mulch lifting, and their lifting capabilities outshine that of competitive brands.

“We also use the skid steers for snow removal, building retaining walls, and loading and off-loading materials from semi trucks. These pieces of equipment have helped with my business big time. They have increased our efficiency about four times. For example, one skid steer with a push box attachment can accomplish what it would take four trucks to accomplish.”

Financing to Fit Your Needs

“I recommend New Holland equipment because it’s high quality, and also because New Holland’s financing is great. CNH has very aggressive interest rates. They have great deals, such as the 0% interest rate specials, which is when I purchased all of my equipment.

“Working with Franklin Equipment has been the best. I’ve been in business for 15 years, and I’ve never looked to anyone else for rental or equipment. When our equipment is down, it costs us thousands of dollars, and Franklin makes it a priority to get us up and running immediately. They’ve come all the way out to my business, a couple of states away, and sent mechanics all the way out here to work on my equipment. They’ll run parts all the way down to our shop, no matter what it takes. For renting equipment, they’ll get me what I need, and if they don’t have it, they’ll find it for me. Hands down, they are the most professional group of people. Our business wouldn’t be where it is now if it weren’t for Franklin.”

Extensive Rental Fleet

“The economy has been challenging, so instead of buying equipment and having it sit around, I’ve been renting
more equipment lately. It’s nice because when I realize I don’t have a machine I need, I can almost guarantee Franklin has it.

“Before I began renting with Franklin, I rented with one of their competitors, and I about pulled my hair out! This past winter we only had two snowfalls, and those two times it snowed, the equipment I rented wouldn’t start. The rental company failed to perform when I needed them most. Franklin, on the other hand, would have been on-site within a couple of hours even in the snow.”

Exceptional Customer Service

“Franklin Equipment is excellent to work with. If I have an issue with a piece of equipment, they’re very quick to respond. They’ll send one of their repair trucks to my site to fix my machine right away. Even when it’s snowing and I have an issue, they’d be on site to help me out within a couple of hours. Their quick response reduces my equipment downtime, which is key because time is money for me!

“The thing about Franklin is that they know my business. They know my needs. They are constantly calling me, asking how they can help me out. They’re not just business partners–they’re friendly, good guys to work with.”

Michael Boren, President and Owner of Grass Groomers, Inc.

About Grass Groomers, Inc.

Michael Boren founded Grass Groomers, Inc. in 1991 with just two lawnmowers and a dream to grow a successful business. Today, the company provides landscaping and snowplowing services to Columbus, Ohio, and is run by Michael and his three sons, Justin, Zach and Jacoby. You may recognize Michael’s name, as he is one of the greatest linebackers in the history of University of Michigan football. Justin is an accomplished Ohio State University football alumnus now playing with the Baltimore Ravens. The younger Boren brothers are also footbal players. They have inherited their father’s ability to remain mentally and physically tough to respond quickly under pressure in situations such as middle-of-the-night snowstorms.

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